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Are You Sure There's No Body There?
full length farce - 3m 4f , single set (scripts 6.00 each, performances 40 each)

Subtitled "The Legend of the 'eadless 'orseman", this "sequel" can be performed in its own right or by groups who have performed the original. It uses the same setting, Squire Grange, and most of the characters, but tells of how the bumbling police are investigating stolen racehorses, meaning Fickey and Eve have to go under cover to investigate the crime. It's not long before Inspector Sides gets too close and is trampled to death by the Headless Horseman that haunts the grounds of Squire Grange, except, well, she's not had a good part recently and refuses to die. Eve and Fickey are ordered to disguise themselves as a racehorse, except the drama group's last production was Ali Baba and the only costume they can find is a makeshift pantomime camel! The comedy stays down at the same level - oh yes it does - and the crime gets er… well... forgotten, really.



Spoken lines (approx.)

DC Fickey policeman


Eve Nunnall a glamorous WPC


Detective Inspector Dianne Sides


Lady Amelia a novelist


Sir Malcolm her husband


Mabel maid  & cook


Smalls the butler 


Mrs Mimshaw *little old lady"


A few past productions

Darwen Library Players - Lancashire

The Hills Players - Brisbane, Australia