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Be Careful Who You Wish For
- full length farcical comedy - 4m 3f , single set (scripts £6.00 each, performances £40 each)

Jack and Mark have come to the pub to while away the rest of the day watching the football on TV. Before it starts they are chatting about how easy life is for women and utter the age-old comment "I wish I could be a woman for a day". All too soon, Jack becomes a woman, yet he's still here too, facing his new, feminine alter-ego and feeling exactly what she does. But how does he explain away this new and attractive woman in his life to his friends and long-suffering girlfriend Lisa? More to the point, how does he get rid of her so life can go back to its previous normality? After all, a woman who dresses to kill, knows exactly how to get a man going, likes beer and is an authority of football is very popular with the regulars! (Other non-speaking parts for pub guests, if desired.)

pub guests can be played by disabled actors if wished



Spoken lines (approx.)

Jack a football and beer fan


Jackie Jack's female alter-ego


Mark Jack's drinking buddy


Lisa Jack's fiancée


Beth Mark's wife


Bob pub regular


Other pub customers, if desired