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The Codfather
- a murder mystery game - 3m 3/4f (all evidence 25, performances 25 each)

Crime is out of control in prohibition-era Chicago. The Bold Street Gang, under the control of Don Calamari, and at war with the North Side Gang, headed by Al Mascarpone. Their respective molls, Ma Baker and Moll Flounders, have managed to set up a meeting between the two dons aimed at peace, but the mysterious Red Herring is there, along with Don's daughter Carla Calamari, so there could be trouble, especially since just about every woman there fancies Dick Tracy, who has joined forces with Elliot (Eton) Mess to defeat the gangs. Meanwhile speakeasy owner Machine-Gun Shelly watches over all. After some revelations about Carla's true father and suggestions of blackmail, Don is shot. But who would dare?


Don Calamari

boss of the Bold Street Gang

Al Mascarponi

boss of the North Side Gang

Ma Baker

Don's long-term moll

Carla Calamari

Ma Baker's daughter and good-time girl

Moll Flounders

Al's moll

Red Herring

Don's bodyguard

Machine-gun Shelly (optional)

owner of the Four Deuces Speakeasy