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Come Dine With Me
- a murder mystery game - 2m 4f (all evidence 25, performances 25 each)

We are at the final of a TV chef contest, in which the winner will go into partnership with celebrity chef Herb Crust, along with a cool one million pounds in his or her pocket. Each chef will do anything to win - anything - and some already have. The TV personnel are not above suspicion either, with petty jealousies and the ever-present pound Sterling as motivators. When Herb is found frozen to death in the walk-in freezer, the TV producer and presenter both see an opportunity to advance their careers by solving the crime in front of a live TV audience, and it is up to the rest of those present to help to find out who dunnit!


Chelsey Bunn

TV Producer

Lynn Guini

TV Presenter/Anchor

Cherry Bakewell

owner of "Art with a Tart" restaurant

Chris P Duck

chef of "Thai Me Down" restaurant

Victoria Sponge

owner of "Victoria Would"

Roland Butter

chef at "Well Bread"