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Conference Pairs
- full length farce - 2m 5f, single set (scripts 6.00 each, performances 40 each)

Each and every year, the members of the national sales team of JW Roberts Ltd. meet in a hotel for their sales conference. And each and every year they continue their "liaisons" with other members of the sales team. Afterwards they will go back to their everyday lives, but this weekend they’re out to enjoy each other. Peter and Eve have conveniently-opposite rooms in the hotel, but just about anything that can prevent their continued relationship actually does prevent it, including fire alarms, falls, difficult hotel staff, visiting bosses, lost keys, two pairs of handcuffs and a surprise visit from Peter’s wife.

Set in an area stage comprising a corridor and two rooms, this play is easy to set, even for groups with modest means - and in any case the payback is in the comedy. (I love "door" farces!) Cast ages are flexible.



Spoken lines (approx.)

Carla a Spanish chambermaid


Amy hotel manager


Eve sales manager


Peter sales manager


David sales director


Liz the managing director


June Peter's wife


A few past productions
Glantawe Theatre Company - South Wales