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Crime and Distribution
a murder mystery game - 2m 2/3f , single set (all evidence 25, performances 25 each)

Lil and Tammy are the twin daughters of Gil Lette, the famous entrepreneur of a household products distribution empire. It is the evening before Lil gets married to the oily Max Factor, a habitual gambler and womaniser who, it's suspected, has had a previous relationship with Tammy, the bride's sister. Despite Milton's attempts to keep everything on track, the sisters' continual in-fighting, the groom's lack of interest in anyone but himself, and the bridesmaid's alcohol consumption, Lil is poisoned and dies. Or does she? After all, Tammy is a twin and history proves she has no morals at all. And we find someone is or was pregnant. And is Milton who he says he is?

This game was originally run as a surprise for a party of hotel guests who had no idea they were going to be involved in a murder mystery, so can be insinuated into an otherwise innocent evening if wished. if wished, he storyline unfolding as the guests gradually realise something is going on. The dual roles of Lil and Tammy are achieved by quick changes and deft use of a voice recorder. Full instructions on how to achieve these (simple) effects are given.


Lil Lette*

the bride

Tammy Pax*

Lil's twin sister

Max Factor

the groom

Anne Drex

the bridesmaid

Milton Sterlisier

the wedding planner
*note that Lil and Tammy are played by the same actress