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Dead Reckoning
- a murder mystery game - 3m 3/4f , single set (all evidence 25, performances 25 each)

Welcome aboard the luxury cruise liner SS Costa Packet, where Captain Hans Zoff sees any woman in his crew or among the guests as potential partners, especially if they happen to be rich and gullible. Cruise Director Trini Dadd is wise to Hans and has her own agenda, including bullying her own staff such as Entertainments Manager Nicky Ragua, who, it seems, knows more than is good for her. Guests Ann Kerr and Kay Man have their secrets too...

Plenty of opportunities for your guests to dress up as cruise passengers.


Ann Kerr

cruise passenger

Carrie Behan

Captain Zoff's estranged wife

Hans Zoff

Captain of the SS Costa Packet

Kay Mann

cruise passenger

Nicky Ragua

Ship's Entertainments Manager

Trini Dadd

Ship's Cruise Director