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A Dish Served Cold
- full length thriller - 2m 4f , single set (scripts 6.00 each, performances 40 each)

When gold-digging wife Lynn discovers her husband is chatting on the Internet with another woman, and fearing someone else will move in on her wealthy lifestyle, she sets about planning to kill him. The plan seems foolproof, except that when she carries it through and shoots him, she is contacted by the other woman, who has witnessed the murder, unbeknown to Lynn, on a web camera, and has recorded it as evidence. And she wants Lynn’s inheritance. Lynn and her policeman boyfriend entrap the blackmailer and attempt to destroy the evidence, but the woman is one step ahead - unless she enters a secret password every day, all the evidence will be sent to the police... 



Spoken lines (approx.)

Jay retired, older man


Lynn Jay's (younger) trophy wife


Gabby Jay's "mistress"


Duncan CID detective sergeant


Jane/John CID detective inspector

823 (m or f as wished)

Carla Lynn's friend


A few past productions

Bookham Players Surrey

Duston Players Northampton