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D I Why? (formerly known as "Tim'll Fix It" - changed because, well... you know.)
- full length farce - 3m 4f , single set (scripts 6.00 each, performances 40 each)

Sara is not very happy when her husband Paul asks his friend Tim - "the handyman from hell" - to help with some electrical work. 
Tim would do anything for Sara... Anything! After burst pipes, floods, failed heating, power cuts and other disasters Tim gets his marching orders, but not before he mistakenly finds out Sara's feelings for him are the same as his for her, a fact that does not please Tim's dowdy wife June. Hopelessly in love (well, hopeless, anyway) Tim locks himself away with Sara in their lounge, using his D-I-Y skills to nail up the doors and windows so they can be alone together. Well, alone apart from Sara's dad Frank, that is. Paul, daughter Barbara and Sara's mother Kathleen all attempt to rescue her, but it is the blossoming June who takes control and saves the day... Until they smell gas...

Note: This play has been changed slightly in 2013 (the same time as it was renamed) with Barbara (Paul's and Sara's daughter in the original) optionally his sister or a family friend, so as to suit older casts. This was done at the request of West Moors Drama Group, in Dorset, but seems like a good idea, hence all scripts are now the new version.

"Do It Yourself Farce" at its best.

The part of Frank stays in his chair throughout the play, so could, if desired, be played by a disabled actor. Since he spends most of the time looking at a newspaper, this role could be given to someone who has, how shall I put it, a few problems remembering lines!



Spoken lines (approx.)

Paul the husband


Sara Paul's wife


Kathleen Sara's mother


Frank Sara's father, "grumpy old man"


Barbara Paul's daughter/sister/friend


Tim a friend, the DIY man from hell


June Tim's wife


West Moors Drama - Dorset