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Dream, Lover!
- full length comedy - 2m 5f , single set (scripts 6.00 each, performances 40 each)

The grass is rarely greener... Steve's and Janet's marriage has gone a little stale. Steve is out of work and Janet works all hours trying to support them. To add a bit of spice to his life Steve spends long hours reading pulp novels and dreaming about Claire, a fictional girl who is his every fantasy, but unfortunately for Steve exists only in his imagination. When Janet organises a lingerie party to make some spare cash, iImagine Steve's surprise when one of the guests - Maxine - looks exactly like Claire, even though she doesn't quite behave like her. Nevertheless Steve is in love. Janet leaves and Steve and Maxine move in together. Maxine tries - she really does - to return Steve's devotion but Steve is reaching for the impossible. In desperation Steve dreams of his Claire again, only to find imaginary Claire turns into real Maxine before his eyes and is lost to him forever. This bitter-sweet comedy end with Steve wishing once again for that which he can no longer have - Janet.



Spoken lines (approx.)

Steve the husband


Claire* Steve's fantasy


Janet Steve's wife


Gerry a friend


Anne Janet's friend


Natalie Janet's friend


Maxine* Janet's friend

* note that Claire and Maxine are best played by the same actress

A few past productions

Cayman Theatre Company - Cayman Islands