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A Fright at the Oscars
- a murder mystery game - 2m 3f , single set (all evidence £25, performances £25 each)

When this game was first run we happened to have people who looks (a bit) like the stars implied by (but bearing no real resemblance to, lawyers!) the character names, but this is not essential, and it would be easy to use any lookalikes/soundalikes you do have, by simple changes to the script. It is the night of the Oscars, when a prestigious lifetime achievement award is to be given. The compère, Sir Bruce Foresight, is missing, so washed-up chat show host Oscar Winner grabs his chance at instant career rescue by stepping it to take over the microphone. Oscar has no real friends, probably because he publicly ridicules just about anyone, and his constant companion - single malt whisky - is not a lot of help. Eventually Sir Bruce is found in the car park, very dead. Everyone has good reason to be rather glad at this turn of events, but at least one of them has done something about it. And is that the only killing on tonight's menu?


Marilyn Marrow

blonde, bitchy

Tina Turnip

bad hair day and bitchy

Candy Floss

hippie and bitchy

Agatha Crispy

losing hair and bitchy

Oscar Winner

losing mind and very, very bitchyl