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Jack Up!
- full length farce - 9 actors - m or f, any age, single set (scripts 6.00 each, performances 40 each)

Note this play has been written for 9 characters. All of them can be either sex and of any age. So tell me you can't cast it!!!

Jack Up! Tells the tale of two rival bowling clubs. It is the final match of the season and the winners take the league title. The problems start when the keenly-fought match is a draw and must be replayed, a week later. The home team Abbeywood suspect that the away team, West Worth, will attempt to sabotage their green so set up an all-night vigil to keep watch. To keep the cold night air at bay they have the occasional swig of home-distilled gin made from grass-cuttings by the greensman. Cue the arrival of a police officer trying to find out what’s going on. Oh, yes, the officer is alcohol-intolerant. With a copper who now believes he/she is on a cruise in the Caribbean, thanks to regular toppings-up of the booze, they just have to keep things calm until the rematch has been played. But police officers have more senior police officers to answer to, and the next arrival is a senior police officer who just so happens to be the chairman of the West Worth Club. In for a penny, in for a pound, Abbeywood now have two inebriated police officers to keep hidden, not to mention a very obvious police car in the road outside. The day of the replay grows ever closer…



Spoken lines (approx.)

Alex any age, m or f


Bobby any age, m or f


Chris any age, m or f


Danny (or Danielle) any age, m or f


Eddie (or Edwina) any age, m or f


Francis (or Frances) any age, m or f


Gerry (or Geri) any age, m or f


Hary (or Harriet) any age, m or f


Jack (or Joan) any age, m or f