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JaYne with a Y
one act comedy - 1m 2f (or 3f), single set (scripts 3.00 each, performances 22 each)

Jayne, a young student visitor to a nursing home, meets Emily, an apparently cantankerous old lady and has her preconceptions challenged by a woman who is not the grumpy old person the nursing staff had her believe. She is an intelligent and interesting woman, and the two form a bond that’s likely to continue into a hopeful future. Your audience will leave with a smile and an impression that maybe life isn’t so bad after all.

  With very minor changes, the part of Emily could easily be played by a disabled actress.



Spoken lines (approx.)

Jayne a student


Emily an elderly patient


Nurse m or f, any age


A few past productions
Dragon Theatre Company, Ilford, Greater London
Thespa Fuengirola, Spain