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The Last Swallow of Summer
- a murder mystery game - 2m 5f, single set (all evidence 25, performances 25 each)

Your guests have come to dinner at Shelly's Restaurant, where the co-owners are a divorced couple with no love lost. Jean-Christophe's new wife, Maxine, wants to refurbish the place, get rid of the existing staff and reopen as a trendy brasserie, but the staff and a possible ghost or two are against her ideas. When JC is found poisoned, a police inspector who happens to have popped in for a drink on his way home from work attempts to solve the case as a last bit of glory before he retires, carefully not mentioning his attraction for JC's ex wife. We have gambling, jealousy and blackmail among the motives for the killing. And it's just possible the audience could have eaten the same poisoned food.


Jean-Christophe Michelle

51% owner of the restaurant (but very dead and never seen)

Michelle Michellei

49% owner and manager of the restaurant

Elle Michelle

daughter of Michelle and Jean-Christophel


current/latest wife of Jean-Christophe






the chef 

DCI Semafor

a police detective, nearing retirement