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The Saint Trinian Susannah School's Production of MacDeath
- a murder mystery game - 2m 4/5f , single set (all evidence 25, performances 25 each)

It is the winter half term and Saint Trinian Susannah's school has been left in the hands of the headmaster, Mr Deadhead and Deputy Head, Miss McStrict, plus an assortment of prefects who have no homes to go to. The School is on a remote Scottish Island that has been cut off from the mainland by terrible weather. And the Headmaster has been murdered.

It is left to the Deputy Head and the prefects to try to solve the case before anyone else gets bumped off, but the weather, a fire, secret tunnels and the prefects' own secrets hamper progress. Your audience is cast as the lower school and here is an opportunity for everyone to get dressed up and have a lot of fun.


Miss McStrict

deputy head

Colleen Skink

matron/dinner lady (optional)

Bonnie Clyde

head girl

Aisla Skye

bully girl

Ben Nevis 

bully boy and Aisla's boyfriend

Glen Coe

swatty editor of the school paper

John E Walker

geeky "mad scientist" student