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Mind Games
one act comedy - 1m 1f (or 2f), single set (scripts 3.00 each, performances 22 each)

This short play has one woman as Ann, and a Police Inspector who can be either sex.

Ann's lover Andrew has died in mysterious circumstances, and the Police have come to the conclusion he died of fright. In an off the record interview, Ann finally admits she killed him, and that it was his belief that she was able to do it that scared him to death. The Inspector doesn't believe that's possible at first, but is finally convinced. And, in an ironic twist, when he finally believes her, his life becomes just as dispensable as Andrew's had been.

  With very minor changes, the part of Emily could easily be played by a disabled actress.



Spoken lines (approx.)

Ann any age


Inspector policeman/woman, any age


A few past productions
Bradgate Drama Society Leicestershire