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Murdered, Presumed Dead
- full length thriller - 2m 2f + 3 m/f, single set (scripts 6.00 each, performances 40 each)

Ruthless businesswoman Lynne discovers husband John in their country cottage entertaining Carol. They fight, not for the first time, and John is killed - or is he? She gets Carol's fingerprints on the murder weapon, and with the help of shady private detective Ronnie to cover the crime up. Lynne has been troubled by the paranormal before and when John reappears and only she can see him she is convinced he is a ghost. They devise a clever story, but when the police arrive they arrest Lynne, supported by the evidence of local fisherman Simon, the man she knew as Ronnie. The three of them had hatched this supposedly foolproof plan to get control of Lynne's business interests. John finds out too late that he too has been duped - Simon is also Carol's lover. They decide they no longer need him, and since he is "already dead" anyway, they simply carry the plan through and kill him, knowing it all points to Lynne. This perfect plan is upset by the chance arrival of two hikers, who, quite simply, know too much. Will ruthless Carol get away with multiple murders? It certainly looks as if she might.



Spoken lines (approx.)

Lynne a businesswoman


John her husband


Carol John's girlfriend


Ronnie shady private eye


Inspector Hastings CID detective

59 (m or f)

Zoe/Zack hiker, any age

49 (m or f)

Donna/Don hiker, any age


A few past productions
Brixworth Drama Group Northamptonshire