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One Across
one act comedy - 1m 2f + optional extras, single set (scripts 3.00 each, performances 22 each)

This play is set in the days leading up to Christmas, but could be played at any time of the year. David continually annoys wife Emma by suggesting he may be buying her all sorts of unwanted presents - even though her hints have made it plain enough she wants an eternity ring for Christmas. Things are brought to a head when Emma's mother Agnes comes to stay and takes over the cooking. Emma's fury mounts steadily towards the climax of the play at the stroke of midnight on Christmas Eve, when Emma gets her present and David gets a plate of cold baked beans - all over him! Actors' ages are flexible, provided they are compatible with their relationships. 



Spoken lines (approx.)



Emma his wife


Agnes Emma's mother


Carol singers off stage if wished (or could be recorded)


A few past productions

Bere Island Theatre Troupe Co Cork, Ireland 

Bradgate Drama Society Leicestershire

Thespa Fuengirola, Spain