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Remember Me
one act comedy - 2m 2f, single set (scripts 3.00 each, performances 22 each
On the day of friend Tony's funeral, Calvin is very bitter. He sees his own life with wife Lynn fading away with no meaning. The shallow life of two friends at the funeral only manages to sink him further into the depths, where he examines before our eyes why life is so meaningless. One of them reflects that he wants to be remembered after he dies, and Calvin points out that nobody is remembered for who they are, only what they did. Everyone remembers that Christopher Wren built St Paul's, but nobody knows what colour hair he had, or whether he wore a moustache. When we're young, we look forward to things. When we're older we look back. Calvin realises he's missed the one time in his life when he wasn't looking forward or back, he was actually satisfied, and he missed it. Lynne and Calvin announce to their friends that their marriage is splitting because of an affair with Tony, the recently deceased. This intrigues their friends, but the revelation that it was Calvin who was having the affair and the knowledge that Tony died from AIDS, quickly breaks the final friendship apart, leading to a tragic conclusion.



Spoken lines (approx.)



Peter Julie's husband


Anne m or f, any age


Calvin Anne's husband


A few past productions
Harlequins Theatre Company Northwich, Cheshire