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Scousino Royale
- a murder mystery game - 2m 4f, single set (all evidence 25, performances 25 each)

Bingo Starr, the drummer with the famous group The Boutles, is a gambler, usually unsuccessful, but this weekend he had come up on the Euromillions and Thunderball Lottery at the same time. And he's leaving the group, much to the dismay of the company directors, to start up a girl band - The Scouse Girls, with his daughter Anne Field.

When Bingo is found after having apparently choked to death (on a chicken drumstick, of course), the police are called, but the use of the word "Thunderball" in the emergency call means it is intercepted by the Secret Service, and instead of the police, James Band and M turn up. There's a suspicion that the evil organisation known as SPECTRE (their boss is called Phil, geddit?) have infiltrated Banana Studios in order to provide a legal front for the illegal operations, and further that there is a mole on the inside. Added to that is the revelation that Bingo, a lover of chips, has been fitted with a special plastic dietary control band (invented by Doctor Robert) that makes the wearer say no to food - the Plastic Oh No Band. Who could have killed poor Bingo?


Lucy Diamonds

Bingo's gold-digging wife

Anne Field

Bingo's rebellious daughter and member of "The Scouse Girls"

Penny Lane

everyone's been there

Doctor Robert

Banana Studios' company doctor

James Band

spy (shhh!)


head of MI5