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Situation Vacant
- one act comedy - 1m 1f to 1m 6f , single set (scripts 3.00 each, performances 22 each)

Unemployed Derek doesn't really want to work, and wife Jane has had enough. After a row she walks out on him, suggesting he should go through the papers for a job. Enraged, he decides to advertise for a new wife. The series of applicants each looks too good to be true at first, but finally he rejects every one. He never realises that each has a quality he had forgotten existed in Jane, who turns up as the final applicant. She turns the interview round on him and offers him the job.

The play has six female characters, but these can be doubled up as necessary and could - if desired, using quick costume changes - all be performed by the same actress with challenging, dramatic effect.

For festival work, the roles of one or two of the interviewees can be easily omitted if the timing is too long.

  The role of Sharon (and possibly a couple of others) could be played by disabled actresses if wished.



Spoken lines (approx.)

Derek an unemployed man


Jane his wife


Sharon a tele-ads girl


Julia "jet-setter"


Karen feminist


Mary motherly, homely


Lucy innocent and naive


A few past productions

Alternate Shadows Theatre Company Kent

Colwyn Abbey Players Colwyn Bay, North Wales

Little Acorn Production Company Leicester

Nenagh Players Ireland

North Hykeham Players Lincolnshire