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- full length thriller - 3m 4f , single set (scripts 6.00 each, performances 40 each)

Melanie arrives home from hospital after a car accident in which she was badly injured. Her plastic surgeon husband has done an amazing repair job to her facial injuries, but nobody can heal the mental anguish. Soon she begins to hear the haunting and menacing voices of two teenagers who were killed in the accident, and her marriage and job - indeed her very sanity - are threatened. Things get worse when government inspectors arrive unexpectedly at Melanie's high-tech electronics company and the board threaten to have her removed. Even her company's main rival has found out something is wrong. Her family, friends and colleagues - even those she trusts - never hear the voices, so Melanie must be going insane... or is there another explanation? With slight alteration the lead role of Melanie could effectively be played by a disabled actress.

  The role of Melanie can usefully be played by a disabled actress if wished. 



Spoken lines (approx.)

Melanie businesswoman


Richard Melanie's husband


Chris electronics genius


Barbara Melanie's mother


Gemma Melanie's friend


Helen company solicitor


Dorothy older woman


Philip Dorothy's husband


Tony voice only, young

30 can be recorded

Amanda voice only, young

32 can be recorded

Franz Dutch businessman


A few past productions

Arundel Players West Sussex

Bridgewater Players Warrington, Cheshire
Pathhead Players Midlothian
Timperley CCDS Altrincham, Cheshire