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Wait Until the Ghost is Clear
- full length farce - 2m 4f or 3m 3f, single set (scripts 6.00 each, performances 40 each)

Jack's marriage to Jill is not a happy one. His business is in trouble. Mother-in-law Edna is coming to stay. What else can go wrong? Jack is cleaning his gun ready to go to the shooting club with his friend and partner Walter when suddenly the lights go out and there is a shot and a scream. The police suspect Jilly of his murder, specially since a recent large life insurance policy is discovered in her name. In desperation Jilly and her friend Sarah try to solve the crime by recreating it. As the lights come back on there is Jack as large as... life!!?? Jack and Jilly eventually discover the culprit and it is time for him to return to "the other side"... except he doesn't want to go!



Spoken lines (approx.)

Jack a solicitor


Jilly his wife


Sarah Jilly's best friend


Edna Jilly's mother


Walter Jack's partner


Inspector James* a police detective


*Note that Inspector James could be played by a man or a woman


A few past productions
Ballywillan Drama Group - Portrush, Northern Ireland

Bishop Auckland Theatrical Society - County Durham

Cayman Drama Group - Cayman Islands

Dunham Thespians - Cheshire

Heybrook Players - Devon

Just Good Friends - Humberside

Poynton Players - Cheshire

Spotlight Theatre Company - Adelaide, Australia