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- full length thriller - 2m 4f, 3m 3f or 1m 5f, single set (scripts 6.00 each, performances 40 each)

Linda is wheelchair-bound. She also cannot conceive, and she feels total guilt about not being able to provide husband Sean with an heir. Accidentally breaking an antique photograph one day, she unleashes the ghost of Belle, a resident of the house in the 19th Century, who haunts the nursery they'd made before Linda discovered she was barren, and making sure Linda has less desire than ever to go into that haunted room. It transpires that her best friend Gwyneth is pregnant, by Sean. As Linda becomes more and more possessed by the spirit of Belle, she exacts revenge on Sean, apparently killing him with the power of her and Belle's minds. The two gradually become one, (an implied Belinda) and attempt to cause Gwyneth to miscarry. The police and a therapist are not sure whether she is really possessed or is going insane (she has a previous occurrence of mental illness) and we are left not knowing whether Linda has committed a crime at all, or whether she imagined the whole thing.

The demanding part of Linda can be played by a disabled (wheelchair-bound) actress if wished. 



Spoken lines (approx.)

Linda wheelchair-bound


Gwyneth her friend


Sean Linda's husband




Inspector Vickers m or f, any age


Tina (or Tim) therapist, any age


Some recent productions
Bridgewater Players Warrington, Cheshire
Monte Pego Theatre Company Spain