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The Winter of Discontent
- full length comedy/thriller - 4m 4f , single set (scripts 6.00 each, performances 40 each)

Mystery novelist and womaniser Brian is obsessed with the murder games he writes. Wife Pam and three other couples turn up to his latest epic "The Winter of Discontent" with varying degrees of enthusiasm. Cynical Steve, Brian's publisher, simply does not want to go, whilst wife Ros seems quite keen, despite Brian's reputation. Hard-up Andy is convinced that Brian fancies his attractive wife Zoe. Apparently happily-married Colin and Marie are the least reluctant. Finally Pam has been cast as the dowdy cook one time too often. We witness the couples' preparations for the game, and see their worst sides displayed. Then we attend the game itself, set in Brian's much-modified house (complete with thunderclaps, dead phones, secret panels and plenty of hidden cameras and microphones). Nobody is surprised when Brian is poisoned during the meal - but is this part of the game or has one of the guests enacted revenge? Brian's fondness for special effects means they are locked in the isolated house with no outside communication, so they must solve the crime - if indeed it is a crime - for real.



Spoken lines (approx.)

Brian/Sir Sydney


Pam/Agnes Brian's wife/the cook


Steve/Reginald Arquette


Ros/Clarissa Arquette Steve's wife


Andy/Bosson the gardener


Zoe/Monique Andy's wife/the maid


Colin/Roberts the butler


Marie/Amanda Colin's wife/the secretary


A few past productions

Kegworth Players, Leicestershire